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Authors : *R. Gowri, N. Narayanan, A. Maheswaran, S. Janarthanan, S. Paulraj, P. Lavanya
Abstract : Mucoadhesive drug delivery has versatile potential for efficient drug release because of the properties provided by their small particle size for various diseases. Ex., Helicobacter pylori infection is currently the cause of 75% peptic ulcers. In an effort to augment the anti Helicobacter pylori effect, microspheres reside in the gastrointestinal tract with mucoadhesion mechanism and exhibits sustained release effect over a period of time. Microspheres are the carrier linked drug delivery system in which particle size ranges from 1-1000 &mu;m&nbsp; in diameter having a core of drug and entirely outer layers of polymer as coating material. Due to their short residence time, bioadhesive characteristics can be coupled to microspheres to develop mucoadhesive microspheres. The polymers with excellent mucoadhesive properties and good entrapment efficiency. This review article focusses various aspects of mucoadhesion, theories of mucoadhesion&nbsp;&nbsp; preparation methods and applications along with its future trends. <br />

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