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Authors : Rajeshwari Shastry, Prabha Adhikari MR, Ullal Sheetal D, Shashidhar Kotian M
Abstract : Geriatric diabetics have comorbidities, requiring multiple drugs. This study was conducted to compare polypharmacy between geriatric and nongeriatric diabetics. Cross sectional study conducted in type 2 diabetics, grouped into geriatric and nongeriatric. Patients’ demographic data, duration of diabetes and drugs prescribed were recorded. Polypharmacy was defined as five drugs or more per prescription. Students’ t test and Chi square test were the statistical tests. A total of 477 diabetics were included (geriatrics n equals to 320, nongeriatrics n equals to 157); mean ages were 68.31plus or minus 6.06 and 49.91plus or minus 6.93 respectively. Comorbidities observed were hypertension, coronary artery disease (CAD), dyslipidemia, peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy and hypothyroidism. Significantly more geriatrics had hypertension (78.75% versus 53.5%) and CAD (31.25% versus 13.37%; p equals to 0.0001). Polypharmacy was noted in 133 (41.6%) geriatrics and 40 (25.5%) nongeriatrics (p equals to 0.0009). Total number of drugs per prescription among geriatrics and nongeriatrics was 4.32 plus or minus 2.01 vs 3.39 plus or minus 1.92; p less than 0.001. Mean number of drugs for diabetes and hypertension were equal among both groups. However, polypharmacy was more in geriatric diabetics, which is due to high prevalence of CAD.

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