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Title Antibiotic and Analgesic utilization review in an orthopedics in-patient department of a tertiary care teaching hospital in Hyderabad
Authors Sushanta Kr. Das, Vyshnavi Kurra, Pravalika Guttu, Md. Amer Quadri, Nymisha Chowdary T, B. Valya, T. Rama Mohan Reddy
Description Drug utilization review is ‘an authorized, structured, ongoing review of prescription, dispensing and medicine use’ facilitating rational drug use. Antibiotics and analgesics are common and frequently prescribed in orthopedic department. We aimed to evaluate the usage of antibiotics & analgesics in orthopedics department. Six month prospective case observational study was conducted in Orthopedics Department, Gandhi hospital, Secunderabad with approval from Institutional Ethical committee, CMR College of Pharmacy. Final outcome obtained by statistical analysis using ANOVA. In this study, male gender of 20-40 yrs was pre-dominant with common diagnosis; fractures and trauma. Common antibiotic prescribed were; Ceftriaxone, Cephalexin & Amikacin and analgesics; Paracetamol & Diclofenac. A total of 311 times antibiotic and 222 times Analgesic were prescribed in collected cases respectively. 3 antibiotics and 2 analgesics per case were predominant. Antibiotic & analgesic drug switch were also seen in study. Drug utilization review indicates 83% and 88% rationality of antibiotics and analgesics respectively. Slight irrationality was observed, those mainly due to insufficient lab data. Overall utilization of both antibiotic and analgesic was approximately in rational manner in Orthopedics department. Inclusion of regular lab test will make the prescription more appropriate, ultimately leading to better patient care.