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Title Formulation and evaluation of Bosentan nanosuspensions by nanoprecipitation method
Authors Nagendra reddy JVV, Jagan mohan reddy NVV, Prasanna ML, Narendra D
Description In the present study, an attempt was made to formulate and evaluate Bosentan Nanosuspension by Nanoprecipitation method and to reduce symptoms in patients suffering with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Nanosuspension containing the drug were prepared by Nanoprecipitation method using combinations of polymers such as Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), TWEEN-80, Poloxamer 188, Urea and methanol. Estimation of Bosentan was carried out spectrophotometrically at 274nm. The Oral Nanosuspension were evaluated for drug content uniformity, particle size analysis, zeta potential, in-vitro drug release, short-term stability, drug- excipient interactions (FTIR). IR spectroscopic studies indicated that there are no drug-excipient interactions. Of all the formulations (PF1 – PF6) PF3 formulation containing SLS 1.25%, Tween-80 0.2% and Poloxamer 1% were found to be promising which showed 99.55±0.84% release at the end of 30min & it follows first order drug release kinetics. For optimized formulation (PF3) particle size, polydispersible index & zeta potential was found to be 38.1nm, 2.88 & -4.49mV respectively. The optimized formulation was stable at 400C/75 % RH for 3 months.