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Title In-Vitro Activities of Linezolid and Co-Trimoxazole against Isolates of Diverticulitis: Breakpoint Determinations
Authors Samiullah Burki, Zeba Gul Burki, Javeid Iqbal, Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Nadeem
Description Diverticulitis is a common colon disease with pouch like projection which leads to morbidity and mortality commonly cause by E.coli and P. aeruginosa.15 isolates of MDR E.coli and P. aeruginosa derived from patient of diverticulitis were identified using biochemical tests and EMB media. Their susceptibility, resistance, and MIC values were calculated using standard agar dilution method against Linezolid (linz) and co-trimoxazole (co-tri). Results revealed that at different concentrations (conc.) 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16mgl–1, 1, 2, 4, 16, 32, and 64mgl–1 of linz and co-tri respectively. Linz and co-triMIC90 against E.coli was achieved ≥ 16mgl–1 and >64mgl–1(P<0.01)respectively while against P.aeruginosaMIC90wasachieved at 2.25mgl–1 and > 64mgl–1 respectively (P<0.01). At maximum conc. of 16mgl–1 and 64mgl–1 of linz and co-tri87.5 % and 75 % pathogens of E.coli were susceptible. P .aeruginosa at similar conc. gives 100 % and 71.42 % susceptibility (P<0.01).It is conclude that linz against current multidrug resistance (MDR) pathogens of diverticulitis was potent than co-tri.