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Title Naproxen-Soluplus® Nano formulations for Enhanced Oral Bioavailability
Authors K. Venkataramaniah

Naproxen-Soluplus Nanoformulations (NFs) prepared via wet milling, using a conventional Retsch Planetary ball mill have been studied for their phase solubility behavior, physico-chemical characteristics, cytotoxicity, and morphology and dissolution enhancement. The highest dissolution enhancement of 172% over that of pure the drug was achieved for the formulation with Naproxen-Soluplus® ratio of 1:4. The ability of amphiphillic surfactant carriers to accelerate in vitro dissolution of poorly water-soluble drugs has been attributed to wetting, miceller solubilization, and/or deflocculation. The Korsemeyer–Peppas model most aptly fits the in vitro dissolution data and gives an insight into the possible drug release mechanisms predominated by anomalous non-Fickian diffusion which improves the physicochemical characteristics of naproxen towards its dissolution enhancement and the increase in the oral bioavailability of the drug without any adverse cytotoxic consequences.