NOVEL PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATION OF MIXED SOLVENCY IN THE FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT OF SYRUPS (LIQUID ORAL SOLUTIONS) OF POORLY WATER-SOLUBLE DRUGS *Yash Maheshwari, D.K Mishra, S.C Mahajan, Prachi Maheshwari, R.K Maheshwari, V. Jain Solubilization of poorly water soluble drugs has been a very important issue in screening studies of new chemical entities as well as in formulation research. In the present investigation, mixed-solvency approach has been utilized for solubility enhancement of poorly water-soluble drug, Naproxen and Furosemide (as model drugs). Sixteen blends (having total 40% w/v strength) containing various solubilizers among the commonly used hydrotropes (urea, sodium benzoate and sodium citrate), cosolvents (glycerin, ethanol, propylene glycol, PEG 600 and PEG 400) and water-soluble solids (PEG 4000 and PEG 6000) were made to study the influence on solubility of Naproxen and Furosemide individually. Most of the blends were found to increase the solubility of both drugs. This approach shall prove a boon in pharmaceutical field to develop various formulations of poorly water-soluble drugs by combining various water-soluble excipients in safe concentrations to produce a desirable aqueous solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs. <br /> International Journal Of Pharmacy 2249-1848 258 2013-10-01 4 753-758 Copyright (c) Pharma Scholars. All rights reserved 2013